OpenStringZ, NWA welcomes back classical music students.

Students to return to “The Music Box” for artistic development and unique music-making experiences.

Where did the Summer go?  I’m sure many local families are asking the same question.  OpenStringZ, NWA will soon open the doors to their beloved “Music Box” and simultaneously, a window into the heart of NWA’s classical music lovers.

OpenStringZ, NWA Welcomes back students! Founder, Binah Kinzer has many exciting plans to unfold this year throughout the community, in part thanks to the extra hands and passion derived from two brand new interns. “Having interns join in our efforts is simply wonderful.  To be able to share in the experience of building opportunities with some of our students will be rewarding and give them a unique look into what actually goes into making these kinds of things possible.  Many students are used to simply showing up and experiencing the end result of so much thought and work.  To be able to share in the development of experiences that they themselves will participate will give them a greater ability to extract everything they can out of something developed for their benefit.”

Living in NWA, truly a bit like that land of OZ…where everything is possible, (chamber music in a forest on a bike trail? no problem) and through the rollercoaster of the Covid-19 Pandemic, it has really given shape to our program in way of vision and mission.  While we realized early on that we could live without a brick and mortar establishment, we have also enjoyed the happiness of having such a special place to meet and grow.  Our studio is in the heart of Bentonville and has held so many wonderful memories of chamber, instruction, peer reviews, kids classes…you name it. Whether it was a five year olds from NWA or a world class musician, they have found laughter, music and motivation within those humble walls.  “Endless thanks to the Harrison French for allowing us a place to incubate, plan, rehearse and grow.”

While our students can be found on the trails, on the stage or in a variety of places around NWA, we are looking forward to unfolding some unique opportunities that utilize our modest and loved space this year. We are looking forward to seeing more kids for drop in events and more local music students as they partake in some wonderful ala carte offerings. The BEST part about it is that we are no longer here exclusively for string students, but welcome a variety of young musicians from cello to piano, oboe to bass and even voice!



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