About Us

OpenStringZ, NWA was founded by Binah Kinzer in 2019.  Based in Bentonville, Arkansas, OpenStringZ NWA is a nonprofit specializing in curating performance opportunities for emerging young artists and providing high-level education for enthusiastic classical musicians.

OpenStringZ, NWA offers both passive classical music appreciation as well as more intensive programs for advancement in classical music training.  We nurture classical music interest in elementary aged children as well as the pre-collegiate student and beyond.  Private and group coaching masterclasses, comprehensive music lectures, chamber music and many performance opportunities are just some of the included amenities found within the OpenStringZ, NWA program.  Our unique merit-based placement and community support (all levels and interest) allows our programming to stay tuition-free. OpenStringZ, NWA  a registered nonprofit, 501(c)(3)

Open Strings NWA