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Thoughtful opportunities and support for both classical music lovers and players of all ages.

If you are a classical music lover, you will love our calendar of events and unique performances.  If you are a parent of a young musician, you will love the reinforcement and support OpenStringZ offers.  If you are a serious musician, you will appreciate the varied opportunities that allow you to grow & hone your skills

For students enrolled in our sponsored semester  program please contact us. so we may go over current offerings and obligations.

Scholarships For 55+ Returning Musicians!

Did you know that we offer masterclasses and enrichment opportunities for area residents who have a desire to “return to music?”  Our students are ready to inspire you!  Please send an email with the heading, “RETURN TO MUSIC” to:

La primavera (age 3-8)

La Primavera (Spring) is a program designed for beginners age 3-8.

This program offers 4 weekly 45-minute enrichment activities like our “Haydn Seek!” program. Tuition-free through a partnership with the Bentonville Public Library. Perfect for little’s and homeschooler’s, our classes are designed to feature both well known and little known classical music composers, learn about instruments, note names and various classical music related learning, often featuring live performances.

L’estate (age 8-12)

L’estate (Summer) is a program mainly designed as a support for new players, ages 8-12.

This program is designed to offer support to young artists and grow their passion for their instrument as well as foster a sense of enthusiasm surrounding their practicing.  There is no cost or obligation associated with this programming.  Our advanced musicians volunteer time back to younger artists and love to help inspire your child’s love for their instrument and music making. Call (479) 360-8493 to make an appointment.

L’autunno (age 13-18)

L’autunno (Autumn) is a program mainly designed for the serious string student.  This student will be assigned a corporate sponsor.  Cost to enroll is $800 per semester, but subsidized by the student’s sponsor.  Therefore there is no out of pocket cost to families who seek this level of opportunity and programming.  The key to a harmonious student/sponsor relationship is mutual give and take.  Our sponsors believe in our program and in their student!  As a thank you, students are required to volunteer a certain number of hours each semester to OpenStringZ.  This may be in the form of playing a mini performance for their sponsor, representing OpenStringZ during a performance or event, volunteering on occasion with a younger group of budding musicians, or sitting on a peer review panel.  Commitment times are very flexible and designed to foster growth in the student and a love for classical music within the community.

L’inverno (19+)

L’inverno (Winter) is a special senior program designed for an older artist of any level.

Volunteer your time and talent!  Our students will be so grateful!  Come and watch a performance, enjoy free tickets to many events…meet our visiting guest artists or better still, dust off your instrument and play for our students!  Let them give you feedback and enjoy the occasion to offer critique, learn from your enthusiasm and grow in their own confidence as you demonstrate yours!