Group Learning: Music I, II, and III

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The Park Na Conservatory - Group Learning

Group Theory, Ms. Nastassja Riley

Open to all young musicians ages 9-15

$20 per class

Feb 12: All things Intervals!
Learn and practice your interval sizes and small interval qualities. In this class, you will learn how to identify all interval sizes on the notated score! You will gain practice by looking at real musical examples and playing all interval sizes on your instrument. You will also develop your ear and learn how small interval qualities feel on your instrument. Have your instrument ready for this class!

March 12: Perfect Intervals
Learn and practice the most important intervals in Western Classical Music! The perfect 4th and perfect 5th intervals are the foundations of our repertoire, and you will gain experience identifying and producing them. We will analyze real musical examples in addition to composing our own melodies. Come on your instrument as you master the perfects!

April 9: Large Intervals
We will conclude our journey of intervals this semester with the largest simple intervals and a look at compound intervals. These larger intervals provide interesting texture and tension in our music. You will learn how to identify these intervals through a study of real musical examples and composition. Be prepared for this class by bringing your instrument and notebook.

Nastassja Riley
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