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Audition Requirements

Here are two ways to sign up for Chamber Music:

      1.  Pre-Formed Groups.  Students are encouraged to form their own groups.  Groups usually work best when you are playing with people who you know and like and who share your chamber music goals.

– If you have formed a group, you must fill out a Pre-Formed Group Form.  This form is online.  

– If you have formed most of a group but are missing a player/s, please fill out a Pre-Formed Group Form, and we will attempt to find appropriate people to complete the group.  Chamber groups are arranged by complimentary level with a mixed age range.  Sometimes it takes a bit of time to gel with the right players.  Just don’t give up before you really get an opportunity to work together and explore the possibilities.

  1. Individual Sign-Ups

– If you would like to play chamber music, but don’t have a pre-formed group, no problem!  You can put your name on the Individual Sign-Up List and we will attempt to place you in an appropriate group.  

Pianists who have pre-formed groups need not take an audition.

Chamber Music Requirements

– Chamber music groups will receive 10+ hours of coaching over the course of the semester.

– Every chamber music group will give a performance at some point during the semester.  Most groups will fulfill the performance requirement by playing in one of the Cacophony Players concerts during the semester.   Some groups can satisfy the requirement by playing in different, approved venues.  Groups may play either complete pieces OR one movement (or several movements that add up to about 10 minutes of performance time.)  The group’s coach will determine whether the group has prepared sufficiently to perform a complete piece.

– Every student who is registered for chamber music must fulfill the Concert Attendance Requirement.   To do so, each musician must attend the following over the course of the semester:

– 1  general OpenStringZ performance 

– All Chamber music scheduled performances.  Any absence must be arranged ahead of time.



The success of a chamber music group, and, indeed, the success of a professional musician, depends on a high degree of personal responsibility, courtesy and consideration towards one’s colleagues. Attendance is mandatory at all rehearsals and coachings. Personal emergency is the only reason to miss a rehearsal or coaching. If you must be absent for any reason, you must notify your coach and all of your colleagues in a timely manner. Come prepared!


It is expected that a group will convene for rehearsals 1-3 times weekly, with two meetings being the absolute minimum for adequate preparation.

Sight reading may be included in each audition. All instrumental applicants are expected to audition without accompaniment of any kind.


  • Any one Major and one Melodic Minor Scale in 3 octaves.
  • One etude or caprice.
  • Any one movement from a Bach Sonata or Partita.
  • A movement of a concerto from the standard repertoire by a composer such as Mozart, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Bruch, Vieuxtemps, etc. Prepared repertoire should include cadenza if applicable.


  • Any one Major and one Melodic Minor Scale in 3 or 4 octaves.
  • One etude or caprice (Popper 40 Studies, Op. 73, or Piatti 12 Caprices, Op. 12, are recommended).
  • Any one movement from a Bach Cello Suites, BWV 1007-1012.
  • Any one movement of a standard cello concerto that represents the applicants ability.

If you have any questions about your audition, please use the form below to contact us or call 443-525-9545.

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