Our Programs

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Online applications for our programs are now open.  We would like to invite you to submit your application for review.  Once your application is received, you will be contacted to set up a call to discuss.  Thank you for our interest in OpenStringZ, NWA!  Note to application:  We use one application for all of our programming.  Should something on the application not apply to you, please just indicate with n/a and proceed with the rest of the form.  You may compare our various programs below.   If you would like to audition for our Chamber Music Program “Cacophony Players,” simply click the appropriate page. To apply, go to the bottom of this page.  Thank you!

The Park Na Conservatory - Private Instruction

Scholarship Recipients

  • Submit Application
  • Schedule a time to play for us!
  • Tuition-Free
  • All ages
  • Weekly elective Chamber Music
  • Recital opportunity
  • Master class participant and passive audience opportunity
  • Musical resume builder
  • Professional head shots
  • Paid performance opportunities
  • Additional financial support opportunities (camps, instrument)
  • Semester (15 weeks)
  • Coaching/Not private instruction
  • Music Career Coaching
  • Secondary Instrument Opportunities
The Park Na Conservatory - Preparatory

Return To Music

  • Submit Application
  • Semester (15 weeks)
  • Scholarship’s Available
  • Tuition-Free
  • Ages 21-120 1/2
  • Weekly Coaching/Goal setting
  • Access to various classes both Online & In-Person.
  • Chamber Music opportunities
  • Recital/Performance opportunities
  • Master class participant & passive audience opportunity
  • Tickets to events
The Park Na Conservatory - Conservatory

Cacophony Players

  • Audition only
  • Annual (2 semesters)
  • No cost
  • Weekly rehearsal
  • Chamber rehearsal/coaching
  • Audition/competition opportunities
  • Music career consultant & management
  • PR department for individual
  • Recital/Performance opportunities
  • Masterclass participant & passive audience opportunities
  • Paid performance opportunities