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OpenstringZ, NWA. Supporting  emerging young string players & the community in which our students play and live.  Binah Kinzer, formerly of The Park Na Conservatory of Violin & Cello, has teamed up with a dynamic group of community sponsors, impressive young artists, classical music enthusiasts, performers & educators to create an immersive, creative, & energetic support for area students, while inspiring new classical music lovers and future players.  Binah Kinzer resides in Bentonville with her husband David and daughter Nina.

Early Education

It is our goal to encourage new string players within the community and reach them earlier than middle school, when instruction usually begins.  We are huge proponants of the earlier the better!  From little’s & me classes that feature classical music and learning, to musical petting zoos and performance opprtunit=ies for younger players, we are excited to help parents support this area of growth and development.

Programming for Emerging Young Artists

We are pleased to be able to offer a dynamic calendar of ala carte events each semester to help support and reinforce what they are learning in school, university or through private instruction.  From masterclasses, peer performances and review, recitals, performances, extended learning workshops, ensemble, drills and thoughtfully curated events, we strive to turn up the enthusiasm for practice and performance in the lives of students of all levels.

Our Vision

It is our truest belief that music can support young people in finding their identity; stepping out from simply playing music, to developing an artistry from within. We are here to encourage gifted young artists as they learn to make musical expression part of their daily lives. Our community partners make this happen!  By enabling a student to partake in a semester of learning/growing, students then in turn push out all they have learned back into the community that made the opportunity possible. 

Event Booking

Book one of our advanced students for your next event!

Talented & versatile musicians  can  perform  across a range of genres including classical, musical theatre and pop. We have session players for commercials and recordings as well as performers for your next private affair or corporate  event.

Events and Weddings: Available with piano accompaniment.

A 20% deposit is taken at the time of booking to secure your date. Full amount is due 1 month before the day/days of event. Please note that days are not secure until a deposit is received. Call (479) 360-8493 for more information.

Classical music on the trails… another OpenstringZ thank you for supporting our students! Your support

allows them to access many high-level opportunities here in NWA and beyond! .

Thank you!

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Featured News

OpenStringZ, NWA Director - Binah Kinzer

As a bona fide cello mom of more than a decade, I’ve personally seen the value that a classical music education has provided in the development of my young daughter, Nina.  As we moved through each stage at Peabody Preparatory, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University, I realized first hand the impact that such an organization has on the community it shares.  OpenStringZ was estblished to provide high level  classical music experiences, dynamic performance opportunities, and uniquly curated events designed specifically for classical music talent in Northwest Arkansas.  I’m extremely happy to be able to use my skill set in writing, marketing, and community outreach to advance the goals of this  nonprofit.

What thrills me about this organization is that I now find myself in the business of legacy work, something that feels very special to me. It’s quite beautiful how it all works together. Generational learning is something near and dear to us!  Our scholarships are open to musicians of all ages!   It is our organization’s goal to plant them firmly on a path of excellence, drawing from the richness and experience found in the genius of composers, area instructors, eager students and classical music afficienados alike.

    We will continue to keep you abreast of our plans in the coming weeks and months.  Stay tuned.

Binah Kinzer,

Founder & Executive Director,

OpenStringZ, NWA


Sonja Kinzer, Executive Director

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